Welcome to iota.lukaseder.de.

iota.lukaseder.de is our (Scharle & Matthias) attempt to give something back to the tangle. You can use http://iota.lukaseder.de:14265 as wallet-server freely, if you wish. Our aim is to provide a well, internationally connected node.

However, the best way to connect your light wallet would be the URI mentioned here: http://www.iotasupport.com/gui-lightwallet.shtml.

Status of this IOTA node.

This node is currently: ONLINE and configured to connect to 23 other nodes. Sadly 2 of them are currently offline.

Current milestone status is: 242662 / 242662 which means this node is IN SYNC .

This node is currently used by 10 different open wallet clients.

Value of IOTA (IOT).

IOTA has currently a value of 0.066855mBTC per Mi or a value of 0.397495USD per Mi.

If you want to throw a neuronal network (or do something else) on some historical data, you can access some data here [296KB]. I can give you more detailed data for some Mi (Mega IOTAs).

Some historical statistics for you:

Detailed traffic statistics of iota.lukaseder.de.

This node had a total of 6840 MB traffic within the last 24 hours and a total of 234 GB within the last 30 days. Statistics over the last two weeks: