Welcome to iota.lukaseder.de.

Welcome to one of the oldest IOTA nodes out there. You are watching the site from which most phrases are copied to other full node sites out there. (Whoa, cool stuff!)

IOTA is a crypto currency and DAG protocol, which sadly actually is a blockchain due to the coordinator forming blockchain like milestones. However IOTA has the potential to form the backbone of the IoT even though nobody actually does know how some of the problems will be solved.

iota.lukaseder.de and node.lukaseder.de are FQDNs referencing this node. If you want to use this node as your Light Wallet server, you can select this address or enter it manually: http://node.lukaseder.de:14265 . You can also use this node for your application, as long as you don't open too many concurrent connections. You can choose another node from www.iotasupport.com or iota.dance.

This node is currently JavaScript?...

...and on milestone [JavaScript?] of [JavaScript?]. There are currently [JavaScript?] connected clients resulting in [JavaScript?] system load of this node. If you want to support this node (and want to give me the ability to waste some IOTAs on Finex) don't hesitate to donate:



I hosted many services here beside this node. This also includes a daily database snapshot and some REST endpoints. This node even supported PoW for clients some time ago. I stopped to offer these services, because...

I'm sorry for all the ppl who donated a total of 1.6 Mi. If you need a database download or any help, I honestly would issue another database export just for you. :D (Btw.: A database export can currently be found on the tutorial page of iota.partners.)

However this node is still (and will continue) serving it's main service: The IOTA Light Wallet service. Our aim is to provide one of the best Light Wallet Servers out there. Therefore this node offers various enhancements like increased keep alive times or protocol compression. You can even see the saved bandwidth on the "Load Statistics" page.

We are not supporting HTTPS. HTTPS would lure you into a false sense of security. Every transaction you make to the IOTA network will be visible for everyone. We will activate HTTPS if and only if this is necessary (meaning IOTA is broken) or if you pay us. (This page is only usin' HTTPS because of the google ranking.)

Paid Services.

If you need a reliable node for your application, we can offer you either a dedicated node or an access to this node also accepting PoW requests. We of course will write you an invoice in this case. However we can't compete with price dumping providers. So if this is an issue, you should host a node yourself or find somebody who will administer one for you.


If you want to flame me, you can find me on Discord: Ghostie#1117 . I'm looking forward to discuss some interesting things also aside from IOTA. However, if you experience problems transferring some IOTAs or claiming your funds back, don't hesitate to contact other helpful people on Discord.

Privacy Policy and Imprint

This site doesn't record your visit here. (There are no internal or external tracking services like Google Analytics used. There are also no cookies used and the website also doesn't use trackable external services like the facebook Like button.)

The webserver does log your ip address, browser version and the time of every request made but will discard it via the configured log-rotation within 3 days. I need to create logs to detect malicious requests and (D)DOS attacks. The webserver logs won't be merged with other datasources to track people, etc.

The party responsible for processing data on this website is:

Lukaseder Hard- und Softwareentwicklung
Matthias Lukaseder
Stammheimer Str. 22
D-70435 Stuttgart