Usage Statistics.

This category will show you, where our clients connect from and if somebody is using the tor network. Like on any other page here the text you see is generated automagically. According to this the content and whole text passages may change while reading. Data is updated every 10 seconds.

?? clients currently connected from an IP address located in an unknown Country and the chart to the right suggests that IOTA is not widely used. This - of course - is not true. This node is currently used from ?? different countries.

All connected clients are generating 00.00 MBit/s traffic right now. This and the inter node communication traffic and the traffic of this website summed up has led to 0000 MB traffic the last 24 hours. The whole traffic reached ??? GB the last 30 days.

This node has currently ?? neighbours with an active nelson setup which should provide 20 of the shown nodes at a time. All connected neighbours are issuing ??.?? MBit/s of traffic right now. I have a queue with possible new neighbours. However, I will accept you as new neighbour when the queue goes empty and you are willing to care for your node and not abandon it after 2 weeks. By the way: a static ip address is also required.

We currently have no connections over the tor network.